Mike Morearty
12 Jun 2007

Flex Builder 3 works with Eclipse 3.3

Hey, in case you didn’t notice – the beta of Flex Builder 3 works with the beta of Eclipse 3.3. Give it a try!

Eclipse 3.3 has lots of nice new features. One of my favorites – especially when I am working on the Mac – is Cmd+3 (or Ctrl+3 on Windows). This gives you full keyboard access to every menu item, command, preference, etc., just by typing a few characters of the command. E.g. if you want to rename something but can’t remember the keyboard shortcut for rename, just type Cmd+3, “rename”. You’ll be shown a list of every command that includes that word.

On Windows this is nice but not really a big a deal; but on Mac, it’s awesome for keyboard-heavy users like me.

(By the way, you can set up Quicksilver to do something similar for all apps by following an elaborate set of steps; but it’s hard to figure out how to do, and the end result isn’t quite as easy to use as what Eclipse has done.)

For the full description of the feature, go to this page and then search down for “quick access”.

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