Mike Morearty
28 Jul 2008

Netflix Notes: Add a “note to self” next to movies in your queue

To install:


This happens to me all the time: I decide to add a movie to my Netflix queue – perhaps because it was recommended by a friend, perhaps because I saw a good review, perhaps for some other reason.

Then, months later, I can’t remember why I put it in my queue! To address this problem, I wrote a little Firefox Greasemonkey script called Netflix Notes.

Netflix Notes changes your Netflix queue so that you can add a private “note to self” on each movie in your queue. The main point of this is to remind yourself why you added a particular movie – e.g. because a friend recommended it, you read a good review, and so on.

It only works with the Firefox web browser. If you are using another browser, such as Internet Explorer or Safari, Netflix Notes won’t work for you.

I would love it if Netflix obsoleted my work by integrating this functionality natively into their website! But in the meantime, you can use my program.

30-second demo:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can other people see my notes?
A: No. The notes are stored on your computer, not out on the Internet. Only someone using your computer can see your notes.

Q: Where, exactly, are the notes stored?
A: They are stored in your Firefox profile. To see them, navigate to about:config, and then type “netflix” into the filter box.

Q: You should store the notes on the Internet! I want to be able to see them from every computer I use.
A: Yes, I would love to add that capability; but I haven’t had a chance to do so yet.

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