Mike Morearty
23 Jan 2009

How to capture the compilation options used by Flex Builder

Suppose you are trying to set up a nightly build system – your developers use Flex Builder during the day, and you are creating an Ant task that runs every night. And you want the Ant task to use exactly the same build settings that are used by the developers.

mxmlc and compc have a -dump-config option to dump all settings to a file. Later, the settings in that file can be read back in with -load-config.

So, do this:

Please be aware that this only captures compiler settings; it doesn’t capture all the other little things that Flex Builder does for you, like compiling Flex library projects that your project depends on, copying non-embedded assets to the output directory, optimizing modules for the application, extracting RSLs, copying the HTML template, and so on.

More info here. Please read that, it has additional info you will probably need.

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